About us

Just a stone’s throw from Lake Caldonazzo, a family dream come to life, combining the passion for agricultural life and tourist acrìtivietes in a unique unforgettable experience!

Our Mission

Our Agricamping is a part of the broader agritourism movement, which seeks to integrate primary agricultural production with hospitality and tourism. This form of camping enhances agricultural activities, rural areas, and the concept of ‘slow’ tourism.

Our goal is to offer visitors a chance to embrace this slower pace of life, connecting with nature and getting to know the agricultural way of life.

Our activities are carried out with a deep respect for the natural environment:

  • No CO2 is produced; on the contrary, thanks to the existing plants, it is capable of absorbing it.
  • Electrical energy is entirely produced from autonomous renewable sources
  • There are no fixed structures on the ground, respecting the valuable agricultural zone.
  • The pitches have natural paving, and the connecting roads between them are gravel
  • The materials chosen for the construction of the service block are eco-friendly

About us

We are the Prati family, and together we decided to pursue a dream that also inspired the name of our Agricamping – ‘Ai Prati’.

In the 1950s, grandparents Giovanni and Ada began their agricultural journey by growing apples. Grandfather Giovanni’s foresight planted the seeds of an idea that would eventually become a reality.

Over time, Franco and Carmen took over the farm, continuing the apple production and expanding into potato and apple juice production.

This is the environment in which Antonia and Tobia grew up. Despite their varied studies, they never severed their ties to their roots.

Even the agricultural world is constantly changing, and for years we’ve been contemplating the best path forward for our family. Finally, the concept of diversifying our business found fertile ground to grow: maintaining our agricultural roots this diversification intertwined with the tourism industry.

Today, what once seemed like a distant dream has become a reality. Now you know a bit more about us and we are looking forward to meet you in person and to welcome you to our ‘Ai Prati’ Agricamping. Enjoy a vacation in the shade of an apple tree, just a stone’s throw away from Lake Caldonazzo.

Where we are and how to get here...

A well-connected camping experience awaits you at “Agricampeggio Ai Prati”! Just a short distance from major highways and only 5 minutes away from the FS Caldonazzo train station, our camping is easily accessible. Plus, our proximity to Lake Caldonazzo provides a stunning natural backdrop for your stay.